Kim said that the battles for the Kherson region are pushing the Russians away from Nikolaev

In accordance with him, over the previous 24 hours, shelling of just one bulk of the region, Bashtanskaya, was recorded.

Kim pressured that the Ukrainian navy is hitting launchers, from which the Russians are shelling Nikolaev.

“That is affecting, as a result of energetic hostilities are now diverting the consideration of the Russian occupiers. Additionally, launchers that the enemy makes use of to fireside at the civilian inhabitants of Nikolaev are struggling defeat. And this is smart,” Kim said.

Recall that on Saturday, September 3, the Russian military attacked Visunsk, in the Nikolaev region, on account of the assault, a baby died.

Earlier it was reported that on Saturday in Nikolaev there have been explosions after the announcement of an air raid alert. Later it turned identified that two folks have been injured.

Additionally earlier, Kim spoke about the scenario with water in Nikolaev. In accordance with him, issues with consuming water in the metropolis can’t be solved in the close to future. The quickest approach is the de-occupation of the Kherson region and the restoration of the water pipeline from the Dnieper.

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